Friday, June 20, 2008

Episode 8

Well we are doing episode eight in two parts.

here is Rusty's blog


emmywepfan said...

okay, i listened to episode 8 about an hour ago. i really enjoyed it and the idea of puttting somebody in as a vollenteer podcaster was a super idea. The idea behind the whole show was greatly represented in both parts as it was "Prayer"
If i had been asked one negitive thing that I'd say about this podcast is the the aio intro was too long, i thought. The other thing is that in the second part was that i heard a lot of static.
In part one, the only negitive thing was about the girl, but that was nicely explained about his feeling.
Overall, they both were super and i give both a 4.5/5 on the scale.

oh yes, and i really liked the song at the end of pt 2.

emmywepfan said...

sorry i commented so long!

jennie said...

It was really great!!!

Jellyfish11 said...

Sorry, I realy have nothing against girls!