Sunday, October 12, 2008

EpIsOdE 21 by Jelly and company!

And yet again... another episode of randomness and craziness brought to you by Jelly, his brother-who's-a-plumber, a guest named Christopher and Jelly's dog!

Here it is!


Anonymous said...


donna blackbeard said...

Poor Jeremy!
First an eviction and now a flood and a sick dog.
And your bro didn't sound like Regis.
Now, can I have insiders info? Who was Christopher?
Anyway,I've gotta go bail Jeremy, Christopher, the dog, and Jelly's "imperfect plumber" of a brother, out of th basement.

Hannah said...

And here is Episode 22! Sadly I don't have access to the blog... so here it is:

Let me know what you think.

Jenwepfan said...

It won't work, Hannah!

Jeremy said...

Unfortunately links won't work in blogger comments. You have to use HTML.
Try This.

Christopher is my cousin, and he was happy to help me bail out my basement! :D

donna blackbeard said...

Still won't load, dude.

Bren said...

Either way, I sure miss Donna and Jennie.

Jenwepfan said...

I miss you guys, too!!

It's no fun anymore.

donna blackbeard said...


Sounds like a guilt-trip to me.

Yeah, I miss you fun not being able to fight with my ToO siblings anymore. Especally a certain Jellyfish...

And I will never live the name Donna Blackbeard down. My sibs call me Donna now :)

Amy said...

Okay, I just listened to the WEP for once, and that was funny! Nice job Jellyfish! And even if your TV is broken, and your laptop is floating away, and your dog is dying, at least you'll have a private 'tank' to do your jellyfish swimming in! :P

How is your tog, BTW? Did you get the water bailed out?