Sunday, December 6, 2009

The title of the spring sampler for AIO will be Welcome to Whit's End.
What you may not know is that a special 10 to 15 minute episode called Welcome to Whit's End was created as well. In it you will fill like you are in Odyssey. Also included will be Licence to Drive and Let This Mind Be In You.
This sampler is releasing at the same time as AIO #51 so it should help the new listeners understand the main characters who are sticking around for #51 a bit better. The sampler will also provide a $3 rebate on AIO #51 which will basically make it free!
The next repacks will be #3 Mid Jan 2010, #4 Mid Feb 2010, #5 Mid March 2010 and #26 October 2010.
See? I always tell you that The Best Is Yet To Come.

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