Monday, October 25, 2010

What is going on in AIO World?

Well, we are hoping to get episode 54 out this week. Also of we know that album 55 is in the works and that Marshall Younger may have a small part in that. What we would like to know is if you think odyssey is doing good. Do you just love characters like Matthew or do you think some older characters are still worth using?

I will say we could use at least a few more adult characters that we know alot about. Jack Allen and Joanne are ones who I still think would hold good ground and honestly I can't complain about Robert Easton and his Bart from album 50. Sometime you have to have classic characters like that around.

Anyway, shoot us your thoughts via comments and keep you eyes peeled for the next podcast.


Anonymous said...

I think Odyssey is still doing good, it's just taking me a while to adjust to the newer characters.

I definitely wish they had kept some of the dear old characters, but I suppose life will go on. ;)

Undivine Intervention said...

What is 'Odyssey'? It sounds interesting.

Freddy Jay said...

Adventures in Odyssey, (or Odyssey as it's frequently referred to ) is a radio drama. It takes place in a town called Odyssey and centered around an ice cream shop and discovery emporium called Whit's End. It's a really great show. Sorta aimed for kids ages 8-12, but in my opinion it's for anybody of all ages. You can find out more about itat,, and/or

Dave said...

No, I don't think Odyssey is doing particularly good.

I think Matthew is okay.

Yes, I think some older characters are worth using still, but not Bart--Robert Easton definitely didn't have the character down. Jack and Joanne should be heard from regularly--they're established adult characters, so I don't see why they wouldn't be heard from again.

My eyes are starting to fail from all this waiting for your next podcast! Hope to see something up soon! :-)


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